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Celebrity Reebok fitness trainer reveals the ultimate weight loss secret

The best way to lose weight- Jolt your body and you will see that it will respond the way you want." Change is extremely important when it comes to body results. Image result for photo of Celebrity Trainer Shivoham

With so much advice on fitness and diet, it is easy for people to lose the bigger picture. The fact remains, not one fitness plan or diet plan fits all.

Celebrity Reebok fitness trainer, Deepesh Bhatt aka Shivoham feels it is important for people to at first realise their fitness goals before getting into a workout plan. "People cannot follow celebrities blindly. 

Image result for photo of Celebrity Trainer Shivoham

They have to understand that the main focus of celebrities is to look good, so they have to invest hours on fitness but if you are a working professional, you cannot dedicate that kind of time to fitness." Also, your weight loss goals will be different from others - fat loss, weight loss, toning, gain muscles or prepare to run a marathon.

Fitness supplements

Shivoham says, "I have heard some celebrities say that they are naturally gifted with flawless skin and toned bodies, this is just half the truth. You can be naturally beautiful and fit up to a certain degree. Post that, a lot of supplements help them achieve what you see."

Common gym mistakes

Finding time to work out is definitely a big step towards improving your health but it is definitely not the only step. Shivoham outlines some common mistakes people commit:

1. Ignoring warm ups 

The biggest mistakes that people commit during workouts is the whole warm up and cool down routine. This is absolutely essential for those who workout in the morning. "You have just woken up and your heart has low pulse. This makes five to ten minutes of dynamic stretching essential. And this stretching is more beneficial for the joints over muscles. Mobilizing a joint is the perfect way to cut down risk of injury. You can do lunges, on the spot jogging, skipping, hip rotation, ankle rotation, high knees, basic push-ups to name a few."

2. Skipping post workout stretching 

 After completing your workout, static stretching is extremely beneficial and crucial. Static stretching involves holding a position for 20-30 seconds. It helps release lactic acid and prevents soreness.

3. Focusing too much on cardio

 If your goal is to stay active, coming to the gym and running on the treadmill or working just on elliptical is fine. But if you want a more aesthetic body, you can't solely rely on cardio workouts. If you only focus on cardio, your body will eat into the muscle and make your skin loose. This will not help in toning the body.

 4. Avoid weight training

 The incorrect perception of the perfect body is a big hindrance for many. Women look at beauty magazines and believe that being absolutely thin is beautiful. But you need muscles and strong joints to look beautiful. Weight training cannot make women bulky unless they are working out in an athletic manner. Women are not designed to bulk up. Once women start lifting weights, their muscles will begin to be more defined. Women can use lighter weights but they should not steer clear of weight training.

The best way to lose weight

Have you been working out for almost an hour in the gym, eating a certain kind of food yet not losing weight? Shivoham tells you why. "Whenever you expose your body to something new, the body reacts faster. Our bodies are very smart. When we offer it something again and again, the results slow down. So I suggest people to change their workout routine, their diets and even workout time. Jolt your body and you will see that it will respond the way you want." Change is extremely important when it comes to body results.

You should also focus on changing your diet often. Replace your chappati with more vegetables, or dal with vegetables or chicken. Keep changing your meals and portion size.

Gaining back weight after discontinuing heavy workouts

"This is a common fear for many people who are highly misinformed. If you are doing an intense workout that burns 400 calories, your body will react if you stop it. That's the reason I recommend CrossFit or functional training, which can be done even when you are travelling."

Workout post 40

"We have to understand that man was not supposed to workout the way we do today. As you age, body grows slower and weaker. That does not mean that you should not work out - if you have been religiously working out, you should still do it but it is important to train accordingly. Intensity and weights should be lighter than what a 20-year-old is using." Body always speaks to you; you should learn to listen to it.

Breathing right

We take breathing for granted all the time. The rule is that you must breathe out when you exert. If you are running, let the breath flow through your nose. If you are doing a squat, deep breathe through mouth. Fill up more air when you are going down and while coming back up, breathe out. But don't let the pressure go when you are inhaling and holding it.-TOI

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