Monday, December 22, 2014

What is the difference between Phentermine and Non-prescription alternative Phen375 Diet Pills?

Several types of weight loss diet pills are available in the market. Weight loss benefits appended to each one of them are described in such seductive terms that customers become confused and cannot make the right choice. 

Quite a popular diet pill among them is phentermine37.5mg, which was introduced in the market in 1959 and was hugely publicized for its weight loss benefits. It was also officially approved by the FDA as an effective appetite suppressant.

 How does Phentermine work?

product works by stimulating the nervous system and causing the hypothalamus to produce neurotransmitters that typically signal to the body that it feels full, so then you don’t feel as strong of an urge to eat food.

Since hunger is often the driving force behind what gets people consuming more calories than they need and falling off their diets, if you are successfully able to stop this force, maintaining your diet should no longer be a problem.

Phentermine works well then for those who eat due to hunger, but not for emotional reasons. If you often find yourself eating even though you aren’t hungry, this product may not assist you due to the food habits that you have built into place.

In addition to helping reduce hunger, some people will also find that this product can increase their energy levels as well, so that is an added benefit.

 Phentermine removed from the market due to side effects

Later on it was discovered that the pill had serious side effects. It was, therefore, notified as a prescription drug to be taken only if the doctor was satisfied that the patient had a BMI over 30 to be classified as obese. Currently, therefore, it is illegal to purchase phentermine without a prescription. 

Phen37—an alternative to Phentermine available without prescription

Phen375 was created after careful research into the weight loss effects of phentermine.  It has become a popular diet supplement providing many people weight loss without the side effects of phentermine and without need to visit a doctor or get a prescription.

Phen375 helps to:

·       Suppress appetite helping you to eat less and beat your cravings
·       Stimulate your metabolism and help you burn fat
·       Increase your energy levels

It’s created in FDA registered facilities so you can be sure you are receiving a high quality product, and is backed by a money back guarantee.  Many people have successfully used it to help them lose weight – it’s suitable for both men and women and is available online without a prescription.

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