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What are appetite suppressants and how they help in losing weight?

An appetite suppressant or suppressor is a dietary weight loss supplement that creates a feeling of fullness and satiety in the brain and thereby in the stomach. In other words, it creates a feeling in the stomach that it is not hungry.

Appetite suppressants act mainly on the neurochemical transmitters of the nervous system to minimize the temptation to eat snacks especially between two meals. In practical terms it means that you do not consume more fats or calories from snacks which helps you to lose weight.

 Most appetite suppressants are plant or herbal products and are, therefore, quite harmless, though some have serious side effects and can be taken under prescription only.

For example, phentermine also known as Adipex-p is prescription appetite suppressant. It should be used only for excessively overweight people whose BMI is more than 30 or those with a BMI of 27 who are suffering from some serious ailment and must reduce weight to cure it.

Phentermine should, therefore, be taken only as a short term treatment. No doubt, phentermine is an efficient weight loss drug; it may cause serious side effects in some people. Moreover, it can be highly addictive if taken regularly over a long time. It is, therefore, highly recommended that it should be taken only under the advice of a doctor.

Here are some natural appetite represents and also some strategies to stop the cravings for food.

Don’t give in to the demands of stomach for food

But before that let’s understand how our stomach reacts when you try to restrict food in order to reduce the intake of calories to lose weight. The moment your stomach suspects that the food is in short supply, it starts grumbling by pumping out excessive amounts of ghrelin, a hunger hormone which compels you to take food. Now if you resist this coercive action of the stomach, it will stop asking for food and allow you go by your own plan to get a flatter tummy.

Eat potatoes

According to Katherine Beals, Ph.D., R.D., a clinical associate professor of nutrition at the University of Utah, potatoes contain a special kind of starch that resists the action of digestive enzymes. It, in effect, means that they stay in your intestine longer thereby delaying the attack of hunger. So, better take baked potatoes with dinner or lunch.

Take lean protein foods

Proteins are a good appetite suppressant because they keep your stomach full. A full stomach takes longer time to absorb and digest the food thereby keeping the hunger at bay.

According to a study by the Perdue University, foods such as Canadian bacon, egg whites or low fat yogurt are rich in lean protein. They, therefore, should be taken at breakfast to keep your stomach full over longer periods in course of the day and  reduce the urge to eat more. Make it a point to take at least one ounce or 30 gms of lean protein at breakfast.

Perform strenuous workouts

Interestingly enough intense aerobic cardios keep off bouts of hunger. According to a study published in the American Journal of Physiology, a high intensity cardio of 60 minutes can stave off your hunger for two hours. It is also mentioned that aerobic exercises reduce the production of ghrelin and increase the generation of appetite suppressing hormone in the body. So, perform more intense cardio workouts to diminish your appetite.

But the big question is: can you stick to these strategies over a long time?

The answer is NO. The reason is that quite often it becomes difficult to stick to such dietary or workout routines. You get bored with them over time and start missing them out and  finally doing away  with them altogether.

So, what is the alternative?

The best alternative , therefore, is to take harmless but effective appetite suppressant pills.

Phen375 – Bestselling appetite suppressant and fat burner

Phen375 is specifically designed as a natural alternative to Phentermine for those who want to lose weight, but want to avoid the side effects of phentermine.  

Because it is a natural diet supplement, there is no need to get a doctor’s prescription.
It contains ingredients such as L-Carnitine, Sympathomimetic Amine (Citrus Aurantium) and Capsaicin-1.12 to help to suppress appetite, increase metabolism and burn fat. 

Phen375 has many glowing testimonials from happy customers who say Phen375 has helped them to lose between 3-5lbs a week..

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