Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fat Burners for Weight Loss- How They Work, Who Should Take Them and Who Should Avoid Them

What is a fat burner?

Fat burners, as the name suggests, are dietary supplements which help burn the fats whose accumulation in the body increases the weight.

Fat burners work in two ways to reduce the weight.

1. Fat burners accelerate the metabolic rate, ie, the rate at which your body burns the calories by using the fat as fuel. 

This process is called thermogenesis. It means that the burning the fat as fuel increases the core temperature of the body, which in turn stimulates the metabolism. 

The whole process ultimately causes the system to burn off the unwanted fat cells stored in the body so as to support the additional energy output.

2. They can also help to promote the release of adrenaline, which raises the metabolism and body temperature to aid in weight loss.

But why use the fat burners when you can burn the fats by physical exercises?

Though physical exercises or workouts are the best option to burn fats, it is not always possible to take exercises daily and regularly especially when you have to visit the gyms.

 People tend to become lazy over the time. Sometimes weather problems come in the way. If you remain absent from the gym, you waste the expensive charges that you may have made.

 Hence the need to take fat burning supplements as they  can help to kick-start the  process of burning fats even if you are not exercising which make them a very attractive option for people with a more sedentary lifestyle 

You have just to pop up the pills and that’s it. If you also take physical exercises side by side, you will end up losing weight much faster.

 It should be noted that most fat burners available in the market used the Chinese herb ephedra or Ephedrine as a common ingredient, which resulted in several adverse side effects. 

The FDA ordered the ban of such fat burners for over the counter sale. Currently, they can be used only under the prescription and strict scrutiny of a physician.

Some fat burner supplements available on the market have the added benefit of suppressing appetite, helping to lower your overall calorie intake even further.

They are generally taken between 1-3 times per day, though this depends on the kind of fat burner you’re taking. Natural fat burners within reason can be taken as long as you need. Prescription only varieties, on the other hand, are generally only recommended for use on a short-term basis.

Who Shouldn’t Take Fat Burners?

The majority of natural fat burners are well tolerated by most, but if you suffer from anxiety it is best to consult your doctor first, as they raise the level of the stress hormone Cortisol.

If you have a medical condition relating to your heart, or another serious medical condition you should also consult your doctor before taking fat burner supplements.  Women who are nursing or pregnant should not take them.

People sensitive to caffeine may want to choose carefully as a main ingredient in many fat burners is caffeine due to its natural stimulant effect.  There are low caffeine options available though.

Natural Fat Burning Foods
Fibre rich foods such as whole grains, brown rice and oatmeal are harder for the body to process so the body burns twice as many calories breaking it down

Hot peppers (Capsaicin) raise the body’s temperature boosting metabolism and fat burning. 

 Lean meats such as chicken breast are high in protein and protein rich food burns at least 30% of calories during digestion. 

These foods are all certainly worthwhile to add to your diet if you’re trying to burn fat from your body.

Popular Fat Burning Pills
Would you like to speed up your weight loss, burn off that extra fat and get a jump start to the body you want?

Fat burner supplements are a way to exceed the results you could manage naturally from your diet to achieve faster fat loss.

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