Sunday, November 30, 2014

6 common weight loss problems for dieters and how to overcome them

Planning to go for dieting to lose weight? Here are some of the problems you are likely to face, the probable mistakes you may make and how to resolve them. Read on.

1. Feeling awfully hungry

Your propensity to increased appetite may rise in the initial days of dieting especially when in your zeal to lose weight you try to skip breakfast in order to reduce the ingestion of excessive calories. Skipping breakfast may tell badly upon your health as it helps to kick-start your metabolism.

 Remember, breakfast is your main meals after the night-long fast and if you don’t take it you may feel more hungry and take larger portions when you eat during the lunch or before it. It would mean consuming more calories than you would  had you not skipped that meal. You’d thus defeat the very purpose of dieting.

2. Yearning for certain foods

Most people tend to take to sweet foods when they are bored, stressed and hungry. This is what is likely to happen with you as well especially if you have a weakness for things sweet such as chocolates and crispies.

It must be noted that sweat eatables are rich in calories and you will have to spend long hours in physical exercises to burn them out. By no means a wise decision.

3. Temptation to hang out with friends and family parties

 It requires a great amount of effort to resist the temptation of joining the friends and family members at the restaurants for, say, birthday celebrations or other social occasions.

 And once there, you tend to indulge yourself generously thinking, OK, such occasions do not come in every day. Moreover, it would also   be an insult to the host to sit morosely looking at the delicious dishes with your mouth shut.

4. Feeling weak

Most dieters tend to feel weak and lethargic during days of dieting especially during the afternoons, more so if they have taken scanty breakfast and lunch. You may feel drained out and exhausted. 

This may drive you to reach out to the tin of biscuits or fries lying close by instead of leaving the seat and looking out for some healthy snacks.

5. Neglecting physical exercises

Since you think you are on a dieting campaign, you don’t feel like taking physical exercises which are essential to burn fats to lose weight. Moreover, quite often you don’t have time for exercises since you are excessively busy with your professional and family responsibilities and are stressed out too. So, going to the gym would be the last thing on your mind.

6. Reaching diet plateau


A plateau is a stage when your weight loss efforts stop showing further results. That is say, that after a certain period of dieting you stop losing weight any longer. 

This happens because you’ve reduced your calorie intake too much and the body literally thinks it is ‘starving’ so slows down the metabolism to conserve the fat or you are eating as many calories as you are burning off so you aren’t losing any more weight.  

So, how do you resolve these problems?

Let’s not deny the truth. Most of us tend to feel bored and tired after a certain period of dieting and tend to miss out on our pre-determined diet regime. We tend to give in to temptations and break the discipline ‘this once only’. This results in two steps forward and three steps backward.

 Feeling disheartened? There is a solution.

An effective weight loss pill can help you to break bad habits, jump start your metabolism and help you achieve the weight loss you want.

Phen375 is a popular diet pill that works as a fat burner, appetite suppressant and metabolism booster which can:
  1. help you keep food cravings under control
  2. help you reduce your calorie intake without constantly feeling hungry
  3. provide you with extra energy
  4. help you rid excess fat from the body

 And all this without the need to starve yourself or undertake a grueling workout program! 

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