Monday, December 17, 2012

Losing the belly fat can be a fun if only you know how to do it

Belly fat is really a matter of serious concern and requires a concerted effort to get rid of it. But why make a long face and act as if you are suffering from a lethal disease or undergoing a rigorous punishment for some crime.

Look here, if you take the problem of your fat belly so seriously, you may get bouts of depression that may fire up your appetite. You may start overeating and end up in gaining more weight rather than losing it.

The best way to lose belly fat is to take it literally in your stride. Start striding-walking, being more active and agile more often if you already are not. You may hear a lot advice on taking particular kind of fat diets, strenuous and punishing workouts on expensive machines in the gyms or the easy way of popping up FDA approved weight loss pills. FDA, incidentally is opposed to taking fat loss pills.

All this expert advice is easier given than followed up. Just think of the olden times, visualize the pictures of the hunters and farmers that you may have seen. Do you remember having seen fatsos in those days? 

Losing the overall body weight or belly fat was never a problem in the past. These people lived a natural, active life. There was neither awareness nor any need to follow some kind of strict dietary or workout regimes. People did not live the kind of disciplined life in the modern concept of the word. 

Man was born free and should remain free of artificially created restrictive and disciplined regimes and chores of any kind that kill the real joy of living rather than promoting it. Restrictive regimes, whether dietary, medicinal or physical cannot be followed over a long time even though they may demonstrate some temporary benefits.

The secret to losing the belly fat is to live an active life. In practical terms, you should reduce your dependence on the time saving and convenient machines and start using your hands and feet to perform your routine chores.

Find some time to play with your spouse and kids. Take to rope jumping, playing hide and seek, kissing each other while the children are hiding in a room. Do the domestic chores like cleaning, dusting and washing together to the rhythm of your favorite music? Walk or cycle along with your kids to the grocery or departmental store to make your weekly purchases.

Reverting once again to closeness with nature, take natural foods, fruits, vegetables andsalads. Season them with light salts and spices, lime, lemon or even some sweeteners. Above all, take lots of water and other healthy beverages like green tea. You may take the tasty fried and fatty foods off and on without feeling guilty. But remember again, they are artificial, not natural.

Be happy as the fatsos are generally known to be and you will find that you are losing your belly fat surely and steadily.

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