Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Naturally- No Strenuous Workouts, Fad Diets, Harmful Pills and Strict Regimes

There are generally three ‘popular’ ways that are supposed to help people lose belly fat.

1. Physical Exercises

Physical exercises may be as easy as walking or as strenuous as some workouts performed on expensive machines in the gyms. But how many people can do them regularly and punctually over a sufficient period of time to lose belly fat? Not many. Most people get tired and bored. They start inventing excuses to postpone them and eventually give up.

2. Fad Diets

Fad diets despite their fanciful names and constituents can help to lose weight around the waist. But again, they are quite often bland and boring. You get fed up with them after a few days. Even they may be ultimately harmful. For example, taking cabbage soup may deprive you of the essential nutrients and you may start feeling week over a period of time.

The zeal to lose the bulge upon the belly starts wearing out yielding to a host of arguments in favor of taking tasty foods. Is life worth living if one has to survive on cabbage or even salads all through the day?

3. Weight loss pills

The marketers of weight loss pills may cite approval by the Food and Drug Administration for their effectiveness. But browse through the FDA websites and you will find a host of arguments against consuming them to lose weight. Weight loss pills are invariably accompanied by side effects. They are generally expensive and cannot be afforded by the common people.

The truth is that human nature revolts against artificial strict regimes whatever they nature and so-called benefits. A time comes, when you reach what is called a weight loss plateau and stop losing weight thereafter.

How to enjoy life and lose belly fat naturally?

Active life style

Just live naturally (in the literal sense of the word) as much as you can within the constraints of modern life. Live like the people used to live and even still live in the countryside. Avoid as much dependence on the machines as you can using your hands and feet. For example, do the domestic chores physically. Walk up or cycle to the grocery store if it is within a limited distance. Climb stairs instead of using lifts or escalators.

Natural foods

Take more natural foods and drinks than the prohibited foods-do not abstain from them altogether. Eat green leafy organic foods and salads. They are fibrous. They control the appetite and cleanse the body. They are rich in minerals, vitamins, beta-carotene and photochemical that fight the diseases, boost the growth of the body and repair the tissues. Just make them more sumptuous and tasty by adding a light dash of salt and spices.

Lots of water and green tea,

Remember our body is made up of 70 percent water. It feels happy with liquids.

Drink for example, lots of water. Drink a cup or two of green bed tea daily-weather hot or cold. You can vary its taste by adding lemon juice, lime, basil leaves, cloves, carom seeds and other non-caloric flavors to avoid monotony.

Green tea is known to boost the process of thermogenesis in the body. It stimulates the metabolism and thus converts fats into energy. Don’t be fussy about insisting upon decaffeinated green tea as the process of decaffeination kills catechin, a fat burning antioxidant in it. Losing the belly fat can be a fun if only you know how to do it.

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