Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Losing your stomach fat—How Come You Eat So Little and Still Continue to Grow Fat?

This is not an uncommon situation. There are people who do not each much as a matter of habit. They even do not feel hungry and still continue to gain weight. The truth is that they remain under-nourished because they do not eat all that their body needs. They become weak and get tired very soon. They also contract all the diseases like stomach pain, arthritis, breathlessness and so on that come with the weight gain.

Unless you are suffering from depression or some other medical problem that has affected your appetite and made you fat, you must check your bowels. You are most likely to be constipated. Eating less than your body needs does not cause the necessary motions or build up the pressure for evacuation. 

Sometimes you do not take sufficient amount of water or roughage through your food and what you actually eat (especially refined and fatty food) is constipative and restrictive in nature.

The result is that the unevacuated food decays in your stomach. It becomes toxic and generates harmful gas that puffs up you belly. If not discharged, the accumulated putrefied food and obnoxious gas causes pain in the stomach. It tends to rise up towards the head and cause headache, nausea and belching with offensive odour. Sometimes it affects the heart as well.

You feel uneasy, irritated and off-mood all the time. Your stomach is puffed up tightly and bulges out like a big round barrel about to burst any moment. You wish you could somehow get the force to blast out the accursed gas and get the ever-elusive relief. If you try to press your belly, it feels very tight and hard.
Most often you spend lots of time waiting in the toilet. Your stomach is partially evacuated even if you use all your might to apply the downward pressure on your intestine.

If on a lucky day, you do succeed in completely cleansing your bowels, see the difference in the size of your girth. It must be ( even very little) smaller. Feel your tummy. It should be quite soft, relaxed and malleable. It gives a happy feeling.

Constipation or even partial evacuation, in most cases, is the real culprit that makes people fat and sick. You do not need to go for intestine cleansing. Just start taking lots of fibrous foods, salads, fruits and vegetables. Take soups and lots of water. Do not overeat, but you must never keep yourself hungry. Take enough for your body’s needs.

A constipated stomach, like a putrefying heap of garbage, causes obesity and becomes a breeding ground for a hundred health problems.

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