Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Lose the Belly Fat While You Eat Everything You Like, Take No Pills and Do No Exercise

It appears to be an impossible claim, but it is true. The truth is it is impossible to stick to the diet plans and workout programs that are often advertised and to which we willingly fall prey.

This is not to suggest that these programs do not help in reducing the weight, but we tend to gain the lost flesh as soon as we return to our normal diet and lifestyle that we really relish and enjoy.

How long can we stay on restrictive, raw, boiled, bland, salt free, fat free and sugar free diet? They are almost anti-human. Why keep ourselves deprived of the delicious things of life? And why sweat, huff and puff like an old railway engine at the gym and pay through your nose as well?

The reason why most people acquire flesh around their stomach is that once they see something delicious, their salivary glands start working overdrive. They fall upon it like once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

They do not stop until the plates get spotless clean and even wish for more. And there is no end to the mouth-watering delicacies once you step out of your house. That is how we become gluttons and fatsos.

Herein lies the open secret to losing your fat around your stomach. Eat what you like, but keep your greed to overeat under control. Of course, it is easier said than done. 

We are quite ingenious in making excuses. O K, I’ll eat this time only, but never again. It requires the will power of a bull fighter to keep the lust to want more under control.

Make it a point to eat less than your normal huger. Also, add salads, fruit, vegetables, roughage and liquids especially plenty of water to your daily intake. You have to exercise this conscious self-control just for a few weeks. After this, your body will get accustomed to the less-than-full stomach eating.

 This kind of controlled eating will become your natural habit. Take my word; you are bound to lose the extra pounds that you gained from overeating sooner than you can imagine.

As for physical exercises, you do not need to join gyms or go for strenuous workouts. Only keep yourself active in your routine. Try to use stairs instead of elevators whenever possible. Walk, even leisurely, to buy your groceries and save petrol. 

Enjoy the sights and sounds along your way.
The problem with most of us is that we are easily taken in by the short-cuts promised by the cunning weight loss ads. There may be magic in their words, but not necessarily in their effect.

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