Saturday, March 6, 2010

Want to Lose Your Weight--- 3 Tips to Create the Right Mindset to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Most people just dream of getting that slim, smart and stunning body, but cannot get it because they neither have the right mindset, nor the knowledge of the right strategies.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming about getting a slim and smart body, but dreaming itself can lead you nowhere unless you try hard to achieve it. It is no use hiding the lack of motivation and laziness under the cover of excuses lame excuses such as:
  • There appears to be some genetic problem with my body that does not allow it to lose weight.
  • I worked hard yesterday, I think I should take rest today lest my body gets over-strained.
  • A day’s break does not matter much. After all it is a long drawn out process.
  • There are more important tasks at hand than the workout.
  • Some become philosophical when they lose motivation. I believe I am not lucky enough to get that type of butt makeover.
  • I need to eat to sustain my body because of the nature of my work.
  • Eat, drink and be merry. Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow.
 There is no end to such self-defeating explanations.

 How to overcome this inertia and keep yourself motivated?

 1. Get a photograph of your favourite model with the kind of body you admire with writing on it: I will become like you in (specify the time). Keep this photograph where it remains most visible –either on the top of the fridge or the working table.

 2. Affirmations
 Hindus call them mantras. They are their spiritual chants. They are believed to generate strong vibrations of energy. But mantras basically are the positive thoughts that are repeated several times –from 10 t0 100 or even more—daily at the fixed time preferably the first thing after you take bath in the morning. The more you concentrate upon them, the more powerfully they act. They not only motivate you and strengthen your will power, they can even help you transform your body. The powerful impact of positive thoughts needs no explanation or authentication.

 3. Keep a journal
 Your journal should record the details of the workouts, the time spent or the repetitions for each exercise, the calories consumed and burnt daily, the measurement of your vital spots such as the waist, thighs and hips. Do not take the entries lightly because you are answerable to no one. The progress you make will keep your level of motivation high.

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